With All Utilities.co.uk we give you the possibility to save money on your gas, electricity and home phone whilst combining all of your Utilities onto one easy monthly bill. That's right, you will only receive one bill for all of your utilities! Each monthly bill is fully itemised to show your individual utility cost.

It is upto you. You can either switch one or all of your utilities over to us. We work hard to keep your bills as low as possible and are always searching for the best prices so there will never be a need to switch again.

You can signup online and we do all the work for you including cancelling your old agreements and setting up the new ones. You will not even notice a break in your supply as switching over is seamless.

Save money on your electric, gas, phone and internet bills And best of all there are no contracts! So if we do not save you time and money you can simply move back to your old provider!

We use The Utility Warehouse Discount Club for these services. We provide our customers with massive savings on their home, office and mobile phone charges as well as on other services such as gas and electricity.

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